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Wisdom World Primary School Pune

Wisdom World School, Wakad established in 2010 made its mark right from its inception. Its branch at Hadapsar, carries on the work of imparting quality education to children living in this part of Pune. Affiliated to the ICSE Board, the School aims at providing children with an education that will help in their overall development. It aims at providing an environment that is safe , healthy and nurturing and that will effectively contribute to the child’s happiness.

The School has classes from the Pre-Primary to Class VIII. The School aims to expand one class each year up to Std XII.

Each class room has multimedia facilities to encourage practical learning, reinforced through field trips as and when possible. The state-of-the-art infrastructure also enables WWS (Wisdom world School) to provide opportunities to each child from the Pre-Primary onwards to develop a love for learning. The school has a sand pit, water play, and other equipments to make learning fun and enjoyable for children of the Pre-Primary and Primary sections. Our Play area is equipped with a high quality Playstation and imported safety flooring, Large Trampoline, Swings, Slides, See saw, Commando Ropes and various other outdoor play tools for the young ones so that learning becomes a wonderful adventure.

The students are taught the importance of good values early in life right from the Pre-Primary so that they grow up to be caring, committed and compassionate human beings. Apart from value education, life skill classes from Std I onwards teach them to have necessary skills to gain confidence as social beings.

Wisdom World School is preferred as one of the best Pre-Primary schools in Pune. In the Pre-Primary section, teachers help the children develop motor skills through varied practical activities, purposeful play and talk. Thus, students develop an understanding of the world around them as well as gain a knowledge of the alphabets and numbers they need for future learning.

The school has teachers who are trained to render first aid. The school also has a panel of doctors who are available in case of an emergency. Every care is taken to ensure that children are safe and happy.

In the Primary section, from standard I to IV, the school aims at developing the children’s physical, mental, and personal well- being. It provides opportunities to develop social skills along with reading , writing and doing arithmetic. Apart from language and mathematics, the students get a basic knowledge of science and environmental studies. In WWS, the teaching staff provides the children abundant opportunities to express themselves through drawing, painting, collage making, and model making. They are taught to sing new songs and rhymes, participate in cultural displays and learn the nuances of speech and drama. All these activities make the children confident and help them to overcome their reticence. Wisdom World School allows parents to check their wards’ academic development through an online portal and encourages them to actively participate in the school’s progress with their ideas and suggestions.
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