It’s that time of the year again—Psychosomatic phobias and illness—though it beats me why!!! Examination!!

I would actually prefer to call it ‘Assessment’!

 Whether verbal, written or any other form -students fear this ‘Monster’ as THEY perceive it.

Correction-!  Parents fear it while the children could hardly care!!  Teachers see it as a necessary tool to bridge the LEARNING GAP!  Wouldn’t everyone want to know how much the student has achieved when he is sent to school.  Aren’t all of us paying and being paid to ensure that LEARNING has taken place??


Both are certainly curable but Examination fever could be fatal if one lets it overpower your mind.  

Would all the Examination Boards across the Nation and the World conduct Examinations albeit in whichever form, if they were so monstrous???

The ‘Monster’ lies within us if we attempt to appear for Examinations that we have no interest in or not up our street!  Isn’t it???

A bit of advice to our parent bodies—If we help our children to understand that they must do their best and compete only with themselves and their last performance, AND we understand this ourselves, stress all around will be reduced considerably and they wouldn’t have to blame school for it!

One needs to get worried only if the Progress Report thereof is very dismal.  Then too, one must be mature enough to realise that EVERY PROBLEM DOES HAVE A SOLUTION!!!

Let’s put the Examinations in the proper perspective for our children—They are to be perceived only as Rehearsals to better ourselves and not Monsters to be feared-Adopt this attitude and I  guarantee Success in the long run.

All the very best for the coming Examinations!  Go for it!!

God Bless!!

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