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Assessment and Record Keeping

Progress and Promotion

Assessment is a continuous process that takes place in all areas of school life

Through on-going assessment, we hope to build a complete picture of a student’s development, not only intellectually, but emotionally, socially and physically

Assessment can take many forms. We assess through discussion and observation as well as using more formal procedures such as testing.

Formal testing allows us to track the progress of individual students and also helps us to identify the strengths and weaknesses across the school.

There are periodic Unit Assessments and two Terminal Assessments including several units of study.

Absence from one or more subjects involves the loss of grades for these subjects and excludes the student from prizes and awards. Students absent from an assessment should not expect to be re-assessed and those absent from an assessment without permission will be considered as having failed.

Parents will receive information about the results of these assessments as part of the student’s Annual School Report.


Progress and Promotion

Promotions are decided on the student’s progress throughout the year based on the periodic assessment and the terminal assessments.

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