Pioneering Excellence: Wisdom World School, Pune Receives the QS I-GAUGE Platinum Rating Twice in a Row


In the ever-evolving landscape of education, Wisdom World School (WWS), Pune has emerged as a trailblazer, clinching the coveted QS I-GAUGE Platinum Rating. Notably, it stands as the only school in India to achieve this prestigious recognition! This remarkable feat not only underscores the institution’s commitment to excellence but also heralds a new era in the Indian educational landscape.


Wisdom World Schools, receive the QS I-GUAGE Platinum Rating 2023 for Wisdom World School, Wakad and Hadapsar

Dr. Trupti Agarwal, Chairperson – Vishwakarma Group of Schools and Director – Wisdom World Schools, and Mr. Saif Shaikh, CEO – Wisdom World Schools, receive the QS I-GUAGE Platinum Rating 2023 for Wisdom World School, Wakad and Hadapsar.


What is QS I-GAUGE?

QS I-GAUGE operates as an independent private-sector initiative incorporated in India, specialising in the assessment of colleges, universities, and schools. The organisation synergises global expertise, experience, and reputation, courtesy of the UK-based (QS) Quacquarelli Symonds, complemented by the extensive local knowledge contributed by esteemed figures in Indian education.

QS I-GAUGE has been tailored to reflect the nuances of the evolving Indian education landscape. Simultaneously, it upholds the stringent quality standards associated with the distinguished QS brand.

Let’s delve into how WWS, with branches in Wakad and Hadapsar, Pune, has redefined educational benchmarks and become a beacon for future-ready learning.

The QS I-GAUGE Model

QS I-GAUGE is a trusted rating in shaping the future readiness of Indian educational institutions. At the heart of its success is the evidence-driven, transparent, and holistic methodology of the QS I-GAUGE Model which can be broken down into the following:

Rating Process

QS I-GAUGE’s research analysts guide the rating process for schools. To maintain transparency and quality, the audit process is supervised by QS Intelligence Unit, United Kingdom, which produces renowned QS World University Rankings.


The QS I-GAUGE School rating consists of six core criteria and five specialised criteria ranging from Internationalisation, Skill Development, E-Learning, to Arts & Culture and Sports Activities. The QS I-GAUGE rating provides a unique 360-degree perspective for Indian education institutions to be future-ready.


The hallmark of QS I-GAUGE methodology is that it is evidence-driven, transparent, and holistic. 

Here is what Mr. Ashwin Fernandes, Regional Director – QS Intelligence unit, CEO – QS I-GAUGE, has to say about QS rating in India.

The QS I-GAUGE School Rating

Adapting to the New World

In the wake of the Information Technology revolution, the global perspective on reality has shifted dramatically. Recognising the need for an adaptive and future-ready education system, QS I-GAUGE has pioneered India’s first nationwide school rating system. This system goes beyond traditional assessments, incorporating crucial indicators such as values, culture, social responsibility, and adaptability.

Key Points:

  • Revolutionising education to align with the changing global and national scenario.
  • Incorporating indicators like values, culture, and social responsibility.

Fostering Critical Thinking

At the heart of WWS’s success lies a commitment to cultivating critical thinking skills. The school rating methodology places a significant emphasis on how institutions encourage students to think clearly, logically, and rationally. Our focus on critical thinking aligns seamlessly with the paradigm shift in global education towards comprehensive learning.

Key Points:

  • Integration of critical thinking tools and methodologies.
  • Shifting from one-sided instruction to comprehensive learning.

Embracing Collaborative Learning

WWS sets itself apart by fostering a collaborative spirit within its student community. The methodology assesses how schools simulate a community atmosphere for classroom learning and set expectations of mutual respect during shared learning. This approach resonates with the New Education Policy 2020 (NEP), promoting interactive teaching, fun classroom sessions, and collaborative learning for a deeper educational experience.

Key Points:

  • Creating a community atmosphere for classroom learning.
  • Emphasising mutual respect during shared learning.

Igniting Scientific Temper

QS I-GAUGE’s methodology champions the development of a scientific temper within Indian schools. WWS is graded on the availability of tinkering, innovation, and incubation labs, aligning seamlessly with the NEP’s focus on evidence-based and scientific thinking. This innovative approach equips students to develop prototypes and models that address real-world problems, fostering innovation and scientific ideation.

Key Points:

  • Availability of tinkering/ innovation/ incubation labs.
  • Promoting innovation and scientific thinking to address social problems.


As Wisdom World School, Wakad and Hadapsar, bask in the glory of the QS I-GAUGE Platinum Rating, it symbolises a paradigm shift in Indian education. By embracing critical thinking, collaborative learning, and scientific temper, Wisdom World School is not just a school; we are pioneers in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. 

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